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Charify With Charify, you challenge your friends in a game of your choice. If you win, you get to pick the charity your friends will donate to. If you lose, you donate to the charity your friend has picked. Technologies Mockups: Sketch, Pixelmator, Marvel iOS Prototype: XCode Website: HTML, CSS,…


Jazzity Jazzity is your pocket guide to jazz in Berlin. Jazzity not only gives you an overview of the jazz clubs in Berlin, it also aggregates the programmes from the clubs’ websites and makes them accessible in an easy and convenient way. Technologies Data extraction: Data transformation, storage &…

GEFAELLT-MIR.ORG and the corresponding Facebook page is a project exploring the murky waters of Buzzfeed, Upworthy et al. The basic idea is to create a massive audience on the Facebook site, then link to the website and profit from people clicking on the ads. Technologies Ads: Facebook Ads Manager…

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