BigQuery Toolbox

Everybody™ agrees that the BigQuery UI is painfully slow and generally not very enjoyable to work with.

That said, one of the (many) things that I felt are super annoying is the huge “Explorer” side panel that shows your projects, data sets and tables, but takes up a huge part of your screen and cannot be minimized.

If you feel the same way, then today is your day: I’ve written a handy little Chrome plugin called “BigQuery Toolbox” that solves this issue by allowing you to quickly hide and show this entire column with the click of a button – giving you more screen real estate for your coding.

Optionally, BigQuery Toolbox also lets you hide the top toolbar (“Features & Info” / “Shortcut” / “Disable Editor Tabs”) as well as the query results.

Get it now on the Chrome Web Store.

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