The Jazzbot™ – a Chatfuel Chatbot

I just built a chatbot for Jazzity using Chatfuel. Super easy, great fun.

The Jazzity Jazzbot™ tells you what’s on tonight for a number of jazz clubs in Berlin. You can either type in the jazz club you’re interested in, or you can pick from a list that’s presented to you. You can ask for additional details and have the Jazzbot show you the directions on Maps.

What’s great about Chatfuel is that you can query JSON APIs and assign the query results to variables that you can later use as part of the chat or control flow.

To that end, I have built a quick Jazzity API which just returns today’s programm for a given club. I might write about how I did that in a different post at some point.

Anyways… now go ahead and check out the Jazzity Jazzbot™ at

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Introducing Jazzity – Your pocket guide to jazz in Berlin

A while ago I moved to Berlin. Being a huge fan of live jazz music I was really excited to move to the jazz capital of Europe, as Berlin is frequently called.

Berlin has a lot of amazing jazz clubs, from well-known and established jazz clubs such as the A-Trane, the b-flat or the Quasimodo, to smaller and less well known clubs such as the Donau 115, the Hangar 49 or the Hat Bar.

I quickly came to realize, however, that there was no good overview of all jazz clubs in Berlin. There was no convenient way to know which club was playing what and when, or when there were jam sessions at which club. I decided to change that.

Enter Jazzity.

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