How to get 2,000 likes in 12h

Deezer UK today pulled quite a trick today: They got about 2,000 (from 499,508 to 501,503) likes in less than 12h.

So here’s what happened: this morning Dezzer tweeted to their 3,200 followers (@DeezerWorld (2,574 followers), @deezeruk (549 followers), @DeezerIRL (95 followers), but not by @deezer with 271,709 followers)

#Deezer is currently at 499,508 likes on Facebook. Go on, help us reach a half a million milestone. ()

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Deezer expands to 200 countries; Germany launches Dec 15

DeezerToday Deezer (“the world’s leading music streaming service”) released details of its world-wide launch plan: Starting on 8th December, 2011 their ambitious goal is to be in 200 countries by June 2012. This is their launch schedule:

  • December 8th, 2011: Ireland, The Netherlands
  • By December 31st, 2011: Greater Europe: 45 countries including Spain (Dec. 13th), Italy (Dec. 14th), Germany (Dec. 15th) & Russia (Dec.19th)
  • By January 31st, 2012: Canada and Latin America (38 countries)
  • By February 28th, 2012: Australasia and Africa (41 countries)
  • By June 30th, 2012 : Rest of the world (81 countries)

Notably this does not include the US. Says Deezer:
“Deezer strongly believes in the globalisation of music and has chosen not to focus on the USA and Japan, which only represent 25% of global music consumption, due to market saturation and low growth forecasts.” (source)


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