One thing I still miss on Spotify is a convenient way build your music collection. I may be old fashioned, but what I basically want is to have a collection of “my albums” in one place so I can browse through my music and decide what I want to listen to.

Since there’s no way to do that in Spotify right now, I currently build my collection using playlists and playlist folders: I basically create a collection for every album, then put all those album into a folder called “Collection”. Since there’s no way to sort playlists alphabetically, I have to do that myself – manually. So while it kind of gets the job done, it is quite inconvenient and cumbersome – and takes ages. Here’s what it looks like:


Looks quite alright and is reasonably convenient – once it’s set up. Also, there’s no way to do this within the iPhone app at all, so when I’m travelling I have to wait with my organizing until I log into my Windows app on my laptop.

I really wish Spotify would start offering a solution similar to Rdio. Rdio has done a great job allowing for this use case:


Really super slick and it works great!

Back in December 2012 Spotify announced they were going to introduce collections as well. As of now, however, they sadly still haven’t found their way into Spotify.

However, it seems like they’re working on it: Try entering “spotify:app:collection” into the Spotify search bar (thanks to the Spotify forum for the tip). You’ll see an early draft of the Spotify collection:


Alas, it’s not quite a music collection a I would imagine it, as it only contains albums “Recently Added” and “Most Played”. Still, it is a start, and hopefully Spotify will continue improving on it.


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